Founded in the year 2000, Source de Pasquère is located in an enchanting area - Pasquere - on Prasin Island. Here, our water surges directly from between the rocks. Thanks to the "state of the art" technology used by highly qualified and trained people working in our firm, combined with a modern vision and global strategy, Source de Pasquère established itself among the leaders in the beverage market in the Seychelles.

Elegant Business Model
In recent years, the company underwent significant changes in order to always be able to provide a product unique in its kind, always up to date and rigorously “Made in the Seychelles”.
Pure Water
Source de Pasquère's mineral water does not contain any calories, but due to its natural and pure mineral content, provides all the necessary salts the body needs.
Guide for tourists
Welcome to Another World, the impressive archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Let your journey of personal discovery through the world’s most beautiful islands begin...
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